Competition 5 Jahren ago

By participating, you unconditionally accept and agree to the following conditions.

There will be no correspondence about the raffle. The legal process is excluded.

Publication winner:  The winner will be announced on 31.05.2019

Prices:    The price is neither paid in cash no exchanged. The price is not transferable.


Participation is open to all natural persons who are at least 18 years old. Participation is only possible via a valid user account according to Instagram guidelines. In addition, the use of fake accounts, which do not represent real persons or are explicitly listed as a competitive account, is prohibited. The assessment of any kind of activity that runs counter to fairness is at the discretion of macuso international inc. Macuso International Inc. reserves the right to exclude participation without giving any reason. Only one entry is possible per person. The required information must be complete and true. Automatically generated entries and shipments as well as technical manipulation are excluded from the competition,

The competition is free from any obligation to buy.

Relationship with Instagram

Participants acknowledge that the Contest is not affiliated with Instagram and is not sponsored, sponsored or organized in any way by Instagram.

Participants here by release Instagram completely from any claims in connection with this competition. All information is provided exclusively by the participants and not by Instagram, but by macuso international inc.. Macuso International Inc. further reserves the right to change these terms and conditions without prior notice.

Marketing Permission

Your participation is considered approval, which may edit macuso international inc the transmitted data for own marketing purposes.


Macuso International Inc. is committed to exercising the necessary care in dealing with your personal information at all times and to comply with US privacy policies. The transfer of data to third parties for use for their own purposes is excluded.

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